about Alpha Precision Engineering

Alpha Precision Engineering - some background

Alpha Precision is located in two adjoining modern factory units close to Poole Harbour with a floor area of 16,000 sq.ft.
The company was formed in 1988 by directors who had strong toolmaking type backgrounds.
Led by Keith Putman (Managing Director) , the company sought and won good quality work from an assortment of clients who required reliable accuracy and fine finishes on an ongoing basis.
Almost immediately after its formation, the company committed to quality accreditation and a policy of purchasing “state of the art” CNC machinery, a policy that continues to this day.

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The toolmaking diminished and with the growth of CNCs, the company developed its strength in to the manufacture of precision components and assemblies.
Alpha Precision can now offer its engineering services from the bespoke Jet fighterone-off through the range of small-medium-large batches to the sliding head CNC auto size.

In 2006 the company was purchased by Steve Samways, Managing Director, and Andy Putman, Works Director. Both Steve and Andy had been working at Alpha Precision for several years prior to the purchase. Steve brought a wealth of new experience after serving his apprenticeship at Flight Refuelling and working in local precision engineering companies before joining Alpha. These young Directors have brought a renewed enthusiasm through-out the company. The continuing commitment to Continuous Improvement has generated a culture where Responsiveness, Agility and Flexibility are the keys to the future for this young and vibrant company.

Under their guidance, the workforce has grown to 40 employees, 30 direct and 10 indirect, the growth has taken the turnover to well in excess of £3 million.

The Directors consider themselves very fortunate to have a workforce of such high calibre. Not only are they highly skilled in their various trades, they have a pride and understanding that the company needs to maintain its Competitive Edge and  culture of Continuous Improvement.
This understanding is there because Andy and Steve have a very open and “hands-on” relationship with employees. They spend a fair proportion of their working day on the shop floor and converse openly with them regarding the “day-to-day” decision making process.

Alpha Precision has for many years held Quality Approvals to BS EN ISO 9001 and AS9100, and have tried to obtain 1st tier Aerospace Approval. Very elusive these days unless you have a “speciality”.

Never the less, Steve and Andy believe that their efforts will result in an opportunity. With this in mind, they are committing to apply a culture of Lean Principles throughout the business and to “sign up” to the
SBAC and SWMAS sponsored SC21.

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