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Alpha Precision has manufactured components and assemblies for canning machinery and tooling since its formation in 1988.

Moulding Punch for canningIt accounts for 29 % of our turnover.

Canning machinery produces cans at very high speed on a 24/7 basis.
Machinery and replacement parts are supplied worldwide by our customer, who relies upon us to ensure that we maintain the consistency of quality that this requires.

As you can imagine, the machinery and can forming tooling are subjected to extreme wear characteristics. The importance of the materials used; the treatments required; the exacting accuracy of the finished part; all fit aptly into our company culture.

Crown Holdings, the world leader in food cans, reports its global volumes rising by 2% with reason to expect that as world wide economies contract there will be a further increase in the demand  for canned foods.
The indicators were further reinforced when the demand for tinplate resulted in job losses being put on hold at the Corus mill in South Wales.

In the UK, there are 8 billion drinks cans alone sold each year using 30,000 tonnes of aluminium and 12,000 tonnes of steel, drinks only!!!
The can is a unique product because it is 100% recyclable and infinitely reusable giving it sustainability into the future with more than 60% of cans being recovered and recycled in the EU.
Alpha Precision has “taken on board” the anticipated growth in this market and has positioned itself to meet the challenges and demands of the industry into the future.

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