Oil and Gas

Oil Rig Wellhead Wellhead controls Gas rig

precision engineering for the oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industry tends to bring challenges of its own: long tubes; thin walls; tight limits and hard materials.

Wellhead and controlsAlpha Precision has risen to those challenges and in just 2 or 3 short years precision engineering for the oil and gas industry has now reached 15 % of our sales.

This is another industry that falls aptly into our progressive culture and we are actively seeking to develop our presence.

Oil and gas will remain essential to the UK economy for the foreseeable future.They currently provide about three quarters of primary energy supplies.This proportion is likely to grow in the next 10 years to 80% or more.
The supply chain supporting the UK oil and gas industry is a significant and growing success story.It has substantial foreign earnings based on leading edge technology and the potential for continuing long after our own oil and gas resources are depleted.

This is a developing marketplace,driven by innovation and new technology,a “must be there” in the Alpha Precision customer base.

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